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    Marvin Mikkelson

The Trouser – Iconic piece of men’s clothing
Von marvinmikkelson, 04.12.2017, 10:55

The formal trouser is an iconic piece of men’s clothing, from army generals to top notch CEOs they all represent the same traditional styling of what men have been sporting since time immemorial.

The aspect of choosing a good pair of trousers depends on your body type and the level of comfort you hope to have. Nowadays the best way to buy a top notch pair of men’s formal trousers is online, you might be wondering why, the idea is simple, first select the style then choose a color, once this has been done you’ve pretty much finished the job. If you have some issues with the waist size you can get it exchanged and if the length is an issue you can have it altered by your local tailor.

The advantage with formal trousers are that they serve multiple purposes, they last for a long period of time and by the time you want to buy a new pair you can mix and match based on what shirts you have so as to have the best color combinations.  

Trousers come in various styles and materials be from chinos and cargo’s to the typical old formal straight cuts and can be coupled with a pair of sneakers for an informal look like that of many celebs and socialites.

The way a pair of trousers breaks on the ankles is because of the piping used to create it. From boardroom meetings to a simple dinner the formal trouser will always be a man’s closest companion, the choices will always increase but the essence will never change.

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